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Myndos (Asar Adasi) Geç Antik Dönem Seramikleri - Late Antiquity Pottery of (Asar Island) Myndos

One for the pot experts and those who know their Hayes classifications, a paper by Sinan Mimaroğlu Asst. Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Kemal University Antakya-Hatay, published in Ege University’s Journal of Art History  Vol XXVI Oct 17 and available to download from (only available in Turkish)


Ancient city of Myndos was one of Carian Cities in the antiquity and is located within the administrative boundaries of Gumusluk locality of Bodrum District in modern Turkey’s Muğla Province.

Apart from information recounted in works of antique and modern travelers, the very first study on this city was the underwater exploration conducted in and around Myndos by INA (Institute of Nautical Archaeology) in 1980 whereupon 10 amphoras, similar to those found in Yassiada Shipwreck which were aged for 4th century A.D. Underwater and surface studies were carried out between 2004 and 2006 which were led by Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sahin. The ground surveys carried out in 2008 revealed a monumental structure on Asar Island whereupon first scientific excavation works have started in 2009.*

The layers of structures beginning earliest from the Hellenistic period were revealed by the studies on the hill. In the Late Antiquity, basilica and houses and cisterns were built on top of the hill. The most recent layer features fortified walls dating the Late Byzantium Era.

Present study is the first that focuses on ceramics that were excavated between the years 2009-2013 from Asar Island (a.k.a. Rabbit Island) which overlooks the Myndos.

The ceramics examined in this study are from Late Antiquity of common wares and include cooking and heating pots, lids and Late Roman Red-Slip Wares. The ceramics provide important data concerning Late Antique settlements in the site and clues much needed to understand the fabric of the settlement. LATE_ANTIQUITY_POTTERY_OF_ASAR_ISLAND_MYNDOS

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