Geophysical Surveys

Following preliminary surveys in 2010 and 2011, a team from the University of Hamburg, led by Professor M Martina Seitfert were invited to undertake a geophysical survey of the Myndos and its immediate environment. A combination of instruments were deployed including fluxgate gradiometer / magnetometers, a total station and a laser ranging and imaging instrument (3D laser scanner).

The areas surveyed in 2011 and 2012 can be seen on the PDF below available on the University of Hamburg’s website

A map of all areas surveyed up to and including 2013 is not available on the universities website but are included in Prof Şahin’s article “Eine karische Hafenstadt an der kleinasiatischen Westküste” (Myndos. A Carian Port on the West Coast of Asia Minor) which is free to download from

The survey team looked at two areas; the concave area in the hillside at the northern end of the plain adjacent to Dönmezler Bay and the field which contains the line of column bases.
Neither of the survey areas are referred to in the recent article, or on the University of Hamburg web site. However there were a number of press reports in 2011 regarding the possible location of the theatre. See the link below. 

As far as I’m aware nothing has been published on the survey of the second area. It is possible that the geomagnetic survey failed to pick up any features of interest; alternatively both universities have, for whatever reason, agreed to withhold the results. Personally I’d like to think that it’s the latter as there are a number of archaeological features within the field boundaries. See the link below

1 There is an inconsistency in dates between two of the published charts/plots, the 1:2000 chart available from the Hamburg web site suggests that the surveys in the areas, now designated Mainland I & II, were surveyed in 2011 whilst the later 1:8000 chart, published in the article, indicates they were surveyed in 2012, however there were a number of press articles relating to the theatre published in Aug 2011


In the 2012 season the geophys’ team concentrated on an area on the northern side of Kocadağ (Kocadağ I) where a possible temple site (Poseidon?) was identified, the plots on both charts correspond, approximately, to a feature which is close to the footpath around the base of Kocadağ.

Once again there does not appear to have been any results published on the other location surveyed.  The survey area sits in a saddle of land between the base of Kocadağ and a rocky outcrop overlooking the sea and included a portion of the level area in the bottom of the saddle, which appears to be enclosed on two sides by low earthworks, and a number of features on the southern slope of the outcrop.

Looking towards Kocadağ with the level area in the foreground


On Kocadağ (KII) in a shallow depression, not far from the standing remains of the “Lelegian Wall”, the magnetometer survey identified the outline of a two roomed building measuring 17 x 14 m, the structure is on a slightly different alignment to the wall (8° - 10°) which suggests that the wall and the building were not contemporary.
For a detailed plot of the feature see Prof Şahin’s article

The team from Hamburg also conducted a 3D Laser scan of the “Lelegian Wall” and the small two roomed structure, now referred to as the Hagiasma (Holly Well or Spring), located at the foot of Kocadağ, opposite Rabbit Island, which was excavated in 2005 / 2006.

In the area designated Mainland III, along with the remains of a more recent agricultural building the team identified three circular features; one turned out to be the remains of a lime kiln but the other two, approximately 20m in diameter, could be the remains of circular towers leading the team from Hamburg University and Prof Şahin to speculate that it may be the site of one of the city gates.  

Again there is a detailed pot of the survey area in Prof Şahin’s article

For those familiar with the area the proposed site for the gate is close to the point where the footpath bisects the line of the city walls. 

Footpath that leads from Gümüşlük Market the Yeni Sıla complex / Deniz Yıldızı Sk.

Please note that all the locations shown on all the Google Earth screen shots above are approximate.

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