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Alt-Myndos: Einige Betractungen zu Lakalisation und Stadtmauem (2006)
A paper presented at a seminar held at the Free University of Berlin in 2005 where Professor Mustafa Şahin of Uludağ University proposed that the wall may pre date Mausolus’ Myndos by several hundred years.

“A New Discovery In The Myndos Harbour Survey: The West Harbour”
An article published by Professor Mustafa Şahin of Uludağ University in May 2014’s edition of the TINA Maritime Archaeological Periodical

The Fortified Entrance to the Eastern Harbour of Myndos

The article published in the TINA Maritime Archaeology Periodical No 3 2015 in both Turkish and English, with detailed underwater photographs, describes the work by Assistant Professor Dr Oktay Dumankaya of Karamanmaraş Sütçü Imam University who has surveyed the remains of the fortified entrance to the harbour at Myndos.

Şahin, Derya, Myndos Mosaics, 11th International Colloquium on Ancient Mosaics 2009

Myndos Under Water Survey 2007

Turkish Department of Culture and Tourism Myndos 2011 Excavation Report

Supply of Water in the Ancient City of Myndos (In Turkish) Myndos Antik Kentinde Su Temini.

An paper presented by Dr Oktay Dumankaya in March 2013, 

 Das Apollon Archegetes Heiligtum auf der Asar insel bei Myndos. 

A Paper by Prof Mustafa Şahin (In German) which appeared In Cityscapes and Monuments of Western Asia Minor, 2017.  pp. 179-186

Referenced in the above two papers (in French) which discuss decrees to Apollo Archegetes discovered on the peninsula.

Robert Louis. Études épigraphiques, 2e série.. In: Bulletin de correspondance hellénique. Volume 60, 1936. pp. 190-207

W R Paton  Inscriptions de Myndos. In: Bulletin de correspondance hellénique. Volume 12, 1888. pp. 277-283

Press Articles

29-Apr-17 Illegal Excavations Stir Reaction Myndos

25-Jul-13 Excavations at Rabbit Island Unveil Ancient City of Myndos Hürriyet Daily News

17-Mar-15 Turkish Museum Director Accused of Having ‘ISIL Mentality’ HDN

30-Dec-13 Centuries Old Tombs to Remain Under Road

09-Sep-13 Myndos City Becomes New Tourist Attraction

03-Sep-12 Selçuk Empire Traces Found at Bodrum’s Ancient Myndos City

19th Century Publications Containing Accounts or References To The Area

Beaufort , Francis, Karamina or A Brief Description of the South Coast of Asia-Minor and the Remains of Antiquity, 1817

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