The Theatre

 In August 2011 there were a number of press reports announcing that Uludağ University (UU) Archaeology Dept in collaboration with a geophysics team from the University of Hamburg had identified the probable site of the theatre.
The suggested site for the theatre was fist mentioned by the UU archaeology team in their 2004 excavation report (1) where reference was made to a concave structure on the hillside which could be the site for the theatre, they also commented on a possible temple dedicated to Dionysus close by. The temple structure was excavated in 2006 but there was no reference to the theatre in the 2006 report.
The various press articles don’t go into much detail but they do state that the theatre is thought to date from the 4th century BC and some articles suggest that it may be as large as the theatre at Ephesus.

The 4th century dating ties in with the accepted date for construction of classical Myndos but the reported size of theatre is interesting; the theatre at Ephesus is the largest in Anatolia with an estimated 17,000 plus seats which is considerably larger than the theatre at Halicarnassus. However the Ephesus reference may be the result of journalistic licence, in an interview on Dr Derya Şahin only describes it as a large theatre.

Proposed Site of the Theatre 

The Concave Feature is Better Defined From the Top Of The Hill

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