Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Theopompos of Myndos - Take Two

The Remaining Blocks of Lysanders' Monument at Delphi
Jona Lendering CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0

Back in April last year I added a new page Myndians in History  which included Pausanias’ reference to a monument at Delphi in honour of Theopompos of Myndos, who sailed with Lysander at the battle of Aegospotami in 405 BC.

To paraphrase a North Staffordshire expression I was like a dog with two appendages having found mention of a Myndian trireme captain which predated Mausolus’ synoecism of the Lelegian towns in the 4th century BC.

However it now appears that I may have been a little premature, after a little more reading there are two other suggestions:

Xenophon states that Theopompos was a Milesian buccaneer who was dispatched to Sparta with the news of Lysander’s  victory,

The second and most recent hypothesis is that Theopompos was a Melian (Theopompus, son of Lapompus of Melos).  I came a across a few footnotes which cited  A Selection of Greek Historical Inscriptions to the End of the Fifth Century BC edited by Russell Meiggs and David M Lewis who reviewed the inscriptions on the thirteen surviving blocks of limestone which still bear the prints of the feet of the bronze statues erected by Lysander.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Basilica Mosaic on Asar Island at Myndos

A 23 page article from the Journal of Mosaic Research JMR Vol 8  2015 is available to view and free to download from academia.edu

The article (in English) contains a detailed description of the mosaic and also includes a comprehensive summary of the excavations in area between 2009 and 2011

Sunday, 5 February 2017

Myndos Excavations and Research 2004 – 2013: The Coins

One for the numismatists, a summary of the coins found during the excavations.

Geç Antik ve Bizans Çağina Ait Myndos Sikkeleri

Myndos Coins Dated to Late Antiquity and Byzantine Era

Prof Mustafa Şahin


This study is the preliminary examination of resilience and edition of total 106 coins found in the excavations between 2005 and 2010 in Myndos ancient city located in the Gümüşlük town of Bodrum district of the Muğla city. Ayça Güzelsoy, post graduate student, is contributed to this project as scholarship student. 14 of the coins found in the Myndos are dated 4th or 5th century AD, and 72 of them are dated to Early Byzantine period. The earliest coin found in the Myndos Ancient city excavations is the Kos Island coin dated 2nd-1st century BC. The latest coin is the Middle age crusader coin dated 13th century AD in the settlement stratigraphy. The latest finding in Myndos is a Greek lepton dated to 1878. Thereby, we find that the housing in Myndos is continued till 13th century AD with the help of the coins found during the excavations


Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Myndos Excavations and Research 2004 – 2013 – Two More Papers

Two more links to papers published in Myndos Kazı ve Araştırmaları, Myndos Excavations and Researches 2004-2013.

Both a co-written by Dr Oktay Dumankaya, Dr Serkan Gündüz and describe the research into the two ancient harbours.

Myndos Antık Kenti’nin Doğu Limanı ve Yapıları

The Eastern Harbour of Myndos Ancient City and its Structure

Dr Oktay Dumankaya, Dr Serkan Gündüz


Myndos was one of the important coastal settlements in the region of Caria, which had kept its importance through every era with its large scaled and sheltered harbors. It was one of the eight Lelegian settlements in the Bodrum peninsula. While, later it appears to be one of the cities in the Delian League. At the period of Mausolus, it became an important gathering-place in the region. During the underwater archaeological research, some harbor structures dating back to different ages, were detected at the east harbor area. Mole, hagiasma and quay structures are some examples of the featured archaeological remains. Archaeological evidence found both in the excavation and underwater excavations shows that the harbor functioned uninterruptedly from the Ancient Period to the Modern Era.

Myndos Sualtı Araştırmalarında Yeni Bir Keşif: Batı Limanı 

A New Discovery in the Myndos Underwater Research: West Harbour

Dr Oktay Dumankaya, Dr Serkan Gündüz


Myndos was one of the important harbor settlements of the Caria Region and according to many ancient writers it had only one harbor. However, during the researches carried out by us in 2012, it was discovered that it had a second harbor. At this second harbor, many stone blocks, which belonged to the citadels and harbors structures, could be observed. As a result of the researches, a harbor, a breakwater for protecting harbor structures and a wreck dating back to Roman period was found. This wreck had given a lot of important information about the harbor.