Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Mustapha’s Tale 

    The sundowner drink is one that we take at the Hera bar at the end of the day. It gives people a chance to reflect on the day and talk leisurely about everything and nothing.  It’s also a chance for visitors to chat to local people who have ventured to the bar for a quiet drink.

    It was on one such evening I found myself talking to Mustapha who runs a local business; he and his family have lived in and around Gumusluk  all their lives.  He told me a story his father had told him, this is Mustapha’s Tale.......

    A wealthy American visited Gumusluk in the 1960’s. He moored his boat in the harbour and wandered along the bay. On his walk he came across an old man sitting on a rock, sipping a Raki and lazily staring at the sun setting into the sea. The American noticed that there were olive trees growing in a field behind the old man but they were untended, with olives dropping here and there onto the ground. He asked the old man who the trees belonged to.
    ‘They’re mine’ the old man replied
    ‘Don’t you gather the olives ?’ the American asked
    ‘I just pick one when I want one’ the old man replied.
     ‘Don’t you realise if you pruned the trees and picked the olives at their peak you could sell them?  In America everyone is crazy about virgin olive oil, and they would pay a damned good price for it.’
    ‘What would I do with the money?’ the old man asked.
    ‘Why you could buy yourself a big house and hire servants to do everything for you.’
    ‘And then what would I do?’
    ‘You could do anything you want’
    ‘You mean, like sit outside and sip Raki at sunset?’

To see a typical Gumusluk sunset at ‘sundowner drinking time’ please go to:

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