Sunday, 5 February 2017

Myndos Excavations and Research 2004 – 2013: The Coins

One for the numismatists, a summary of the coins found during the excavations.

Geç Antik ve Bizans Çağina Ait Myndos Sikkeleri

Myndos Coins Dated to Late Antiquity and Byzantine Era

Prof Mustafa Şahin


This study is the preliminary examination of resilience and edition of total 106 coins found in the excavations between 2005 and 2010 in Myndos ancient city located in the Gümüşlük town of Bodrum district of the Muğla city. Ayça Güzelsoy, post graduate student, is contributed to this project as scholarship student. 14 of the coins found in the Myndos are dated 4th or 5th century AD, and 72 of them are dated to Early Byzantine period. The earliest coin found in the Myndos Ancient city excavations is the Kos Island coin dated 2nd-1st century BC. The latest coin is the Middle age crusader coin dated 13th century AD in the settlement stratigraphy. The latest finding in Myndos is a Greek lepton dated to 1878. Thereby, we find that the housing in Myndos is continued till 13th century AD with the help of the coins found during the excavations


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