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Myndos Excavations and Research 2004 - 2013

A collection of Myndos related papers titled Myndos Kazi ve Araştirmalari, Myndos Excavations and Researches 2004-2013, edited by Dr Derya Şahin, was published in 2016 and a number of the authors have been posting their papers over the last few weeks on

All of the papers are in Turkish, below are links to two of them

Myndos Asar/Tavşan Adasi Geç Antik Dönem Kandilleri

Myndos Asar Island Late Antique Lamps

Dr Sinan Mimaroğlu of Mustafa Kemal University.


Myndos ancient city which was one of the ancient Caria cities in the ancient geography, is today located in Gümüşlük town of Bodrum district in Muğla province in southern Turkey. Locating right across Myndos ancient city Asar/Tavşan Island has a crucial place to protect the harbor of the city. Structural layers came to light as a result of the excavation digs belong to early Hellenistic period in Asar Island. Some settlement relevant to the topography of the island had been located around the church that built on the hill in the late antiquity and dates back to A.D. 5th. It is determined that new settling had been planned in a new placement settlement pattern on the old layers. It is considered that these unearthed place-ments settlement was were not for civil uses but directly related to the church and it is a monastery complex. historical findings empower the idea of the monastery complex. The last layer is composed of the fortification walls that date back to Late Byzantine period. Terra-cotta lamps dealt in this essay were found during the excavation carried out between 2009 and 2013 in Myndos city on Asar/Tavşan Island that protects the ancient city harbor. The most of lamps are Asia Minor type (Ephesos). There are only two African Red Slip type lamps. Terra cotta lamps indicate the presence of a trade in the Myndos/Asar Island. It is suggested that the lamps were in use between A.D. 6-7. th century depending on their analogy.

Asar / Tavşan Adasi Ekmek Mühür Kalıbı ve Hacı Pulları

The Bread Stamp and Pilgrim Tokens from Myndos Asar / Tavşan Island

Dr Derya Şahin and Dr Emine Tok


The subject of the study is the bread stamp and the two pilgrim tokens found at Myndos Asar/Tavşan Island during the excavation campaign of 2013. As a result of the evaluations made, it is determined that the descriptions on the bread stamp mold and the pilgrim tokens belonged to the saints martyrized for religion and they were used during the Eucharistic Liturgies. These findings, which also made the architectural pattern of the island more meaningful, indicate that the island was used as a cult center during the Early Byzantine Period.

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