Saturday, 16 April 2016

Myndos Excavations to Recommence, Maybe.

A piece in Friday’s Haberler reporting on a meeting of representatives from across Muğla with the Deputy Minister for Culture & Tourism, appears to suggest that the recommencement of the Myndos excavations along with a number of other archaeological projects in the province, including the Bodrum Hippodrome, are under review.

I wouldn’t expect to see any activity this year; by coincidence I received an email, on Friday, from one of the archaeologists who has worked on the Myndos project and as far as they were aware the excavations were still suspended.


  1. I went to a talk by Oktay Dumankaya on Friday and it seems the excavations are still on hold. However one of the audience said that there is an attempt to make the city council make provision to fund local excavation.

    1. B to B is there a local archaeological society who could take on the excavations at Gümüşlük? With Uludağ Uni seemingly fully committed to the work at Lake İznik I wonder if they would have the resources to run two excavations.