Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Underwater Surveys of the Inner Harbour at Myndos

Professor Şahin has been busy, he’s posted another article on academia.eu. This time it’s a piece titled MYNDOS IÇ LİMAN SUALTİ ARAŞTIRMALARI -2014 (Underwater Surveys of the Inner Harbour at Myndos) which was published in Issue 2014 No 1-2 of TINA, a periodical issued by the Turkish Foundation For Underwater Archaeology.

Like the last article it’s not available to view at the moment but can be downloaded as a PDF


  1. Can you give us a resume? To download this I have to give them access to all my contact addresses which I don't want to do.

  2. Unfortunately I don’t read Turkish. I’m having a go at translating the piece; however my attempts using Google Translate, MS Translate and Babylon are proving to be very frustrating e.g. the first couple of sentences on page one read:

    Karya Bölgesinin kıyı kentlerinden birisi olan Myndos’ da limanlar ve yakan kıyılarında 2005 yılından bu yana aralıklara sualtı araştırmaları yapılmaktadır. 2012 yılında yapılan araştırmalarda bilinenin aksine kentin batısında ikinci limanının olduğu anlaşılmıştır.

    3-10 Ağustos 2014 tarihleri arasında sürdürülen 2014 yılındaki sualti araştırmalarinda ise öncelik Kocadağ olarak bilinen yarımadanın güneyinde üçüncü bir limanın olup olmadığını belirlemek olmuştur.

    Using an auto translation package gives you:

    Exploring the Caria is one of the coastal city of Myndos ' also harbours and burning off the coast since 2005, the ranges are underwater research. Alzheimer's research in 2012, contrary to the West of the city was understood the second Harbour.

    3-10 August 2014 2014 maintained between underwater exploration is known as the peninsula south of Kirby's third priority is a harbour has been to determine whether.

    I’m hoping to work my way through the document but it may take some time. In the meantime I have a copy of the PDF which I could forward. Email gulsumdave@gmail.com