Monday, 3 March 2014

Visitors In The 1800s

It’s not unusual when reading about Gümüşlük’s history to see a comment along the lines of: early visitors to the site reported the presence of a stadium and theatre but neither survive today.
The man generally credited with proposing that Gümüşlük was the possible site of Mausolus’ Myndos was Captain Francis Beaufort following his survey of the coast line in 1811/12.
In 1836 Beaufort, now a Rear Admiral and British Hydrographer to the Navy, dispatched HMS Beacon under the command of Lieutenant Commander Thomas Graves on a survey of the Mediterranean.
1n 1938 Lt Cdr Graves surveyed and produced a chart of the Gümüşlük peninsular and included on it the position of the archaeological remains visible at the time. As far as we are aware all 19th century references to the stadium and theatre date back to naval chart produced from Lt Cdr Graves’ survey.
A new page has been added that contains a brief summary of Beaufort’s visit, Graves’ chart and comments by a few other visitors in the 1800s

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